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Fandex Family Field Guides: American Indians

Crazy Horse, Kennewick Man, Navajo code talkers, and Geronimo, the unyielding Apache rebel. Fandex American Indians introduces 50 North American tribes through their people, history, myths and culture. Legendary figures, from the Ottowa chief Pontiac to the Lakota warrior and mystic Sitting Bull. Events of great historical moments—the tragic Cherokee Trail of Tears. And the tribes themselves, including the first native people to encounter Europeans—the Inuit, believed to have had contact with the Vikings around A.D 984. It's a coast-to-coast visual encyclopedia, filled with portraits, historical photographs, artifacts, tribal artwork, and lithographs.

  • 50 individually die-cut cards
  • Full color throughout
  • Knowledge at your fingertips
  • For the whole family

ISBN 13: 978-0761125839

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